Trust me, I'm an engineer. Robotics engineer

So this is it, I'm back again with another project well done. What can be more entertaining than building something together with your son? Who cares he's just 3 years old, but I'm an engineer right? ROBOTICS engineer! So there you go, the moment he hit me with "Daddy, I want you to build me a robot" - I was more than ready. Yeah, let's make some paper-bot, man!

Cardboard is the perfect material for 3D - it's strong, fast to prepare and really flexible. And that's right - it's biodegradable.

Building joints is essential when it comes to robots - they need a lot of moving parts and that's how you join them. And guess what, axis is also made of paper!

And that's how you turn a bone...

... into a segment with joints.

I love the looks of those screw-heads - it makes this leg seem robust.

And here it is - in a robot garage, waiting for the operator to step in.

And here hot it looks in action:

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