Mindstorms robot has arrived, humanity gets one step closer to extinction

So here we have it - the ultimate toy of all geeks and robotics fans, the Mindstorms NXT 2.0. The kit comes with 3 servo motors, four sensors (ultrasound, color, touch), 32 bit programmable microprocessor and a whole bunch of LEGO building blocks.
Along with the kit we've got a CD with visual editor to write programs for the microprocessor (the unit is called LEGO brick - the size of it is really "bricky" ;). It doesn't look complicated to program with this editor, but still the result has limitations - the program is compiled and uploaded to bricks internal memory (something like 256kb). So, I'm looking forward on using Microsoft Robotics Studio via Bluetooth, that should open a whole new dimension of features.
The first task on our list says we need something simple, that is able to hold a tool with markers and move this tool along predictable path. Well, maybe next item on this list should be something more destructive, like for example a battletank? ;)