Beercan robot

Just came across Sandy Sanderson's page who has a hobby of making cars from cans. The result is quite amazing, check photos and the making process! 
This brings me an idea to make some kind of a robot out of cans. Well, not that it could move or something (or maybe he could?), but sculpture or dummy. I guess I'll start with 3DS Max modeling or WebGL rendering anytime soon..


Robots, Software and Beer

I've been regretting to see "Clockwork Brains" blog covered in thick dust layer, so finally here I am - back online. Thinking 'bout reorganization now and how to use this blog for general topics on Robotics, Software development in general and, of course - Beer The Fun stuff of mechatronics world.
"Plyushkin Syndrome" project is history, but I hope to have new projects, and whenever  possible - reincarnate our lovely bot.

So, stay tuned!