Plyushkin Syndrome 1.1 is out!

Yes, finally it was announced on Indago contest.

Download Plyushkin Syndrome 1.1 (23MB),
Happy playing!

Minimum system requirements.

* Windows NT/XP/Vista with .NET 2.0 Framework and DirectX 9.0c
* 64 MB video card.
* 512 MB of RAM
* Pentium 4 (2400 MHz) or analogous machine.

Recommended requirements.
* Windows NT/XP/Vista with .NET 2.0 Framework and DirectX 9.0c
* 128 MB video card.
* 1024 MB of RAM
* Pentium Core2Duo.

If you experience performance problems, it is recommended to quit all other memory-hungry applications before running Plyushkin Syndrome and reduce screen resolution to 800x600 (that will automatically reduce mirror resolution and give you extra FPS).

Use default configuration if you experience crashes. We are sorry about that.


Sitting and waiting

That's the current status. Demo has been polished and presented. 9 projects will compete in the finals for the right to challenge best Latvian project.

Meanwhile I have discovered a few post factum crashes in our demo if engine is misconfigured. I feel sorry about that and suggest to use engine configuration utility only if the game doesn't start, otherwise use in-game options dialog to configure video resolution etc.

Also, after demo 1.0 release I've heard complaints about keyboard configuration and carefully thought about it. Still I find it more convenient to bind up/down actions to W and S keys, while keeping Right/Left mouse buttons bound to forward/backward.

I'd like to inform those who are out of context that demo will be available for download anytime soon and you'll be able to vote for your favorite project at www.games.lt .