Week #X: the end draws near

Weeks of silence passed and now we are ready to announce final development phase. We could not present demo 1.1 version in public because INDAGO contest authorities requested to keep it secret until the 1st of November, when voting will start.
Thus we're still allowed to show screenshots. So here we are, probably the very last screenshots presented.
Good luck to other contestants and see you all in next stage!


Britney Spears in Trouble

Ok, actually I do not know much about BS, but our team really has some trouble. Yesterday, after some malfunction in power supply line, our nightly build and svn server went down and now it is on the way to the PC's heaven ... Good news is that our HDD was not damaged and all data is safe. I hope the only damaged part is PSU and we will restore our development sever. In any case I believe we will finish our tasks in time!


Week #17: Every working program has an even count of bugs

This time no major feature updates or anouncements, only a few interesting screenshots from debugging session. Kind of modern art, huh? :)

I know I know - beta version should have been released already according to plan. But missing the deadline by a week or two is not a tragedy I think, we have estimated that risk too.