Week #16: Game Over

Yeah, well "Game over" doesn't mean we've abandoned our project. On the contrary - all major features have been completed and we've entered bug fixing and polishing phase! Just a few moments ago I've committed some AI fixes into repository and now enemy robots are staggering around the map and chasing poor Plyushkin69... Seeing their funny postures brings smile on my face - that's the view worth waiting for :)
Ok, now summary of remaining tasks. First thing is to fix few annoying bugs that would make me blush if anyone else would see them. Then we launch another demo - 1.1 beta and wait for feedback.
Next I plan to announce a contest of making demo maps. Easy to do - simple 2d text files just like ol' good Lode Runner maps. The best ones will make it to the final version and will participate in INDAGO! ;)


Week #14: crazy funny and sexy adventures in space

"So what kind of background music you prefer? Kind of relaxed ambient or what?" - I've been asked by DJ Jonine.
That was the right moment to think again about project goals and art direction...
"Let it be a crazy and sexy adventure in space." - I've said. - "After all our bot has malfunctioned, right? And it also carries number 69".
Can't wait to hear the final version, cause intermediate results are very promising :)

Once again, back to StarWars episode in the sky. This time I've updated screenshots section
with rendering of textured XWing and TieFighter models. Please note that renderings performed in 3D Studio Max, but you can get the idea how it'll look in the game.