Week #13: Summer is over

Yes, sunny days are over and it's time to boot up our bots that have been shut down for maintenance during our vacation. I have a bad feeling about INDAGO as I haven't heard a thing from contest authorities since middle of June. And it's only 3 weeks left till beta version. Pity...
Nevertheless we'll try to finish our project. Good luck to our competitors (btw where are they? :) !
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Week #10: Plyushkin Syndrome demo 1.0

Just like I've promised, demo 1.0 is here. A few things you may be interested in before downloading:

Minimum system requirements.
  • Windows NT/XP/Vista with .NET 2.0 Framework and DirectX 9.0c
  • 64 MB video card.
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • Pentium 4 (2400 MHz) or analogous machine.
We cannot tell recommended requirements as they are not confirmed yet.

Also check screenshots section for updates.

Disclaimer: at this stage game is not finished and cannot be played. One can start application and have a look around but don't expect any enemies chasing you. Climbing up/down also is not implemented. We promise to remove GUI and sounds re-used from NeoAxis in the final release.


Week #9: may the Force be with you

No, we're not making Star Wars shooter yet, although I believe it would be pretty cool. According to our vision, we planned to launch an epizode from this movie in the background of the game. So last weekend I've spent playing around with XWing Starfighter model and tried to make it orbit around space station in random paths. With all my experience in 3D I still have learned it's quite tricky to program such a behavior using only roll and pitch controls of the ship and in the end I still got no result - either my XWing flew away into space or started orbiting very slowly with sudden turn-arounds. Maybe I should have preprogrammed random Bezier curves or even made it orbit around station in regular rotating circles.

XWing picture source