Week #4: to walk or not to walk?

As you reach a stage of development when something already looks decent, lots of ideas start storming in your head - I can imagine this-and-that would look really cool in our game. But that's the problem - if you want to make it all, you will make nothing and it's time to choose. Especially when time frame gets tight.
One of the most recent dilemmas: should environment map be some techno-style space or warehouse-like place filled with cardboard boxes? We've received a few sketches from an artist, who suggests to make Plyushkin look like an abstract creature made of cardboard boxes - I really like this idea, 'cause it perfectly fits the spirit of our hero. But on the other hand having only few weeks till first demo release is a bad decision to make a 180 degrees turnaround and remake the concept. Most probably we will make intermediate choice and take best parts from both art directions.
Meanwhile I have developed textures and walk animation for "Plyushkin Bot"- the two most difficult tasks for my skills - it's programmers art, you know :)
What do you think If I'd replace this old metal texture with cardboard material?..

Cardboard picture source

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