Week #8: demo 1.0 milestone

So, last sunday we've hit our "Playable demo 1.0" milestone. Actually it's not so "playable" as one may think - there are no enemy bots runing around, nor bricks can be destroyed yet. But we have already dynamic environment, a gigantic space mirror and static maze, where our P69 bot can run around and observe surroundings. Pretty cool! :)

In two weeks I plan to release demo 1.0 public, so stay tuned. Meanwhile we're continuing on our next development stage - demo 2.0, - and mostly concentrated on gameplay issues.


Week #7: Houston, we have a... space station?!

Unusually productive weekend: 11 tasks out of 19 completed. Following feature roadmap we're approaching demo 1.0 milestone. I assume public release of this demo will be available within 2-3 weeks, but some screenshots are already available. Most of them are experimental shots, you will notice Plyushkin wearing old rusty texture that has been rejected.

That thing in the sky is a space station, with a maze in the middle docking station (not presented in the shot). As you may notice, the shape differs a little from initial concept.


Week #6: dunkles weizen

Yeah, spending a few days in Germany becomes very "dunkel" because of all the weizenbier. Nevertheless I insist you should taste german wheat beer even if you're not a beer-lover. Especially the dark one.

No wonder Plyushkin Syndrome progress has frozen - it's the very middle of the summer and everyone is out of town. Similar situation can be observed in other INDAGO projects. We still have around 19 tasks to complete till end of this milestone and I have a strong feeling we will miss the first deadline. This weekend I'll take a decision if we should make first demo release public or only a few screenshots would suffice.

One of the key elements in the game - a side mirror - is nearly completed and I hope to start performance tests soon. Another important feature, a dynamic maze loading, has been "lost in translation" somewhere between SDD and NeoAxis Map Editor, and became a static one.


Week #4: to walk or not to walk?

As you reach a stage of development when something already looks decent, lots of ideas start storming in your head - I can imagine this-and-that would look really cool in our game. But that's the problem - if you want to make it all, you will make nothing and it's time to choose. Especially when time frame gets tight.
One of the most recent dilemmas: should environment map be some techno-style space or warehouse-like place filled with cardboard boxes? We've received a few sketches from an artist, who suggests to make Plyushkin look like an abstract creature made of cardboard boxes - I really like this idea, 'cause it perfectly fits the spirit of our hero. But on the other hand having only few weeks till first demo release is a bad decision to make a 180 degrees turnaround and remake the concept. Most probably we will make intermediate choice and take best parts from both art directions.
Meanwhile I have developed textures and walk animation for "Plyushkin Bot"- the two most difficult tasks for my skills - it's programmers art, you know :)
What do you think If I'd replace this old metal texture with cardboard material?..

Cardboard picture source