Project Summary: Week before registration ends

Only one week remaining till the end of registration to the contest and I will shortly review our project status.
Main achieved tasks:
  • Selected development technologies. NeoAxis game engine powered by Ogre3D rendering engine will run our project.
  • Selected development tools.
    1. Visual Studio 2005 (C#)
    2. Subversion source control
    3. Trac issue tracking system
    4. Google docs for document management
    5. Magic Draw for UML diagrams
    6. NUnit for unit testing
  • Created System Requirement Specification document - a rough list of use cases we plan to achieve.
What still needs to be done this week:
  • System Design Document containing game architecture.
  • Set up application framework with stub methods.
  • Set up nightly builds.
  • Define unit test framework.
Shortly I also plan to post a few sketches - game characters and environment.

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